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  • So much is happening in the world of collaborative workspace across the US- check it out!

    InBIA – already NEXT WEEK! April 17 – 20 in Orlando – details can be found here

    Coworking? This is THE one to attend, opposite coast – GCUC in LA, May 3-6

    WORKTECH15-New York is May 13 &14 – for those involved in the future of work!

    WANY – Workspace Association of NY is an invitation-only opportunity and this year is themed “BC@50” -celebrating 50 years of the serviced office business center, the FIRST iteration of coworking space. It will be taking place June 10 in New York. Curious? Please reach out to ray@workspace-any.com

    NeoCON- Chicago – June 13-15 – “Good Design Can Achieve a Lot” – here’s how – much more trending in creating Design that Works, in the City that Works!

    Then Summer to enjoy, take a break, work your ideas and then let’s get back at it in August!

    April 12th, 2016

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    Some business centers have a long history of building community spirit. The focus by multiple interests, including corporations, for building workplace community heightened our interest in reaching out to colleagues who have achieved fantastic results for years.

    Here is just one take…

    Friend to all in the industry and, his “formal” title as

    Ray Lindenberg

    Chief Innovationist/Consultant (and, I guess…Cruise Director…) Winning Workspaces Hospitality Group

    Ray is the embodiment of hospitality and vitality. We’ve asked for his thoughts on top memorable and creative events he has hosted at the space of his primary client – Select Office Suites in New York.

    His thoughts:

    “With many hundreds of fun, exciting and free community activities on-site, as well as field trip events that I’ve designed and produced for the neighbor-client-tenant-members at the various Serviced Workspaces that I’ve consulted for over the past quarter century, I’m often asked to rate the best and most memorable ones, which is tough to do since I absolutely loved doing them all: from the ‘Cinco de Mayo Mariachi Shows’ and ‘St. Patrick’s Day RiverDance/Clean Green Energy’ parties, to the ‘Apple-Picking/Hayriding Barbecues’, ‘Nail Salon Days’, and ‘Free Flea Market/Save Stuff From The Landfill’ Days.

    Picking a best and favorite event or activity is like declaring a favorite child. Ugghh. But if I had to pick 3 or risk losing my Keeping Up With The Kardashians Viewing Privileges, I guess these are the ones that stand-out:

    1) The on-site Annual Year-End Mega Party that routinely attracts over 1,000 clients and friends featuring, among other attractions, the multiple Dance Floors, bars, international food stations, caricaturists, Texas Hold’em Poker Tourney and of course, the highlight being the traditional ‘Blessing Of The Halls’ by the Brazilian Samba Lady and her Troupe to scare away any evil spirits.

    2) The surprise, obscure themed days such as the ‘ A Celebration Of Pies on Pi Day (3.14)’, or the International Pretzel Day, as if anybody needed an obtuse reason to throw a party.

    Ray hoisting a celebratory pretzel   RAY.WANY.2015


    3) But if I have to choose my favorite, I guess it was the back-to-back event about 10 years ago at the prime client that I consult with, when we offered “Free Haircuts For Neighbors Day’ (courtesy of one of our clients who’s dad is a retired barber) one afternoon, followed by a ‘Salute To Lawyers Over Tea & Crumpets Day’ the next morning. Both were so popular and such fun, but what made it even more memorable was how we billed and announced those two contiguous events to our community on our bulletin boards and E-vites which everybody got a kick out of. “From Hair To Attorney Tea”.

    Fun, exciting, dynamic, memorable, community-spirited events can happen in enclosed BCs just as readily as they can at Open Plan COworking Spaces. You just need a little commitment, soul and imagination to pull it off.”

    SITE REsolutions collaborates with Winning Workspaces to share best industry practices. If you create collaborative workspace, we bring amazing collaborators to work as a team on your project.

    We will share more in the coming weeks about our case studies and observations.

    If you’d like more information for your development, we welcome you to contact us at info@siteresolutions.com

    April 24th, 2015

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