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  • Team Recruitment – staff and management


       Zero-in on the best candidates that fit with your business philosophy

       and the demands of this industry



    • Implementation of candidate search – compose and post effective ads on multiple sites
    • Screen resumes
    • Schedule and conduct video conference and in-person interviews
    • Recommendation on candidates
    • Structure compensation/incentive programs

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    Team Training – staff and management


    In-depth Training – Set up your team to succeed!  For both new hires and existing team members. Brief, 30-minute segments up to 60-minute sessions. 

    In-depth, on-site or virtual/remote training.  Our highly customized training matches industry best practices with the specific needs of your organization.

    Protect Your Investment. Working directly with ownership to understand gaps in success and determine targeted subject matter for your team.  We pair our expertise with your business philosophy and unique market attributes.

    The Result:   Sessions that engage the team, build confidence and inspire action.  

    Please share initial needs in the comment section below.  Our sessions can be delivered in-person or via webinar. We will work with you to create the best content for your team.


    Client testimonials:

    “My experience working with SITE REsolutions was extraordinary. I was so impressed with the customization of the training and the depth of knowledge that was shared….the recommendations have improved Atrium’s efficiency and productivity. I highly recommend SITE REsolutions’ services to all office business center owners!”  

     -Brenda Hesse, Owner  Atrium Executive Business Centers


    “It was so great to have you for this awesome training session. The feedback from the PBC managers has been amazing. You have a keen ability to relate to their issues while bringing a breadth of industry knowledge to them in simple, yet powerful, terms that they can act upon. This was one of the most successful training events we have put together for our managers, and I want to thank you for the tremendous effort and masterful delivery.

    We are all much smarter as a result.”

    -Laurent D’Hollande, CEO  Pacific Workspaces


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    YES! Your Exceptional Space™

    Coming soon!

    Our full set of YES! Your Exceptional Space ™  tools will be rolled out in June 2016.

    Look for online products that include self-guided study, creative collaborative opportunities and in-house tools for team members.


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