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  • Strategic Plan – Phases 1, 2 & 3


    For new developments and owners, we partner with you, sharing current, successful practices.   

       Our mission in developing the plan is to open your space with Confirmed Clients Day One

       in a Fully-Staffed and Functioning workspace


     Phase 1

    • Is this industry right for you?
    • Assist with Business Plan development: demographics, target market, sales and marketing strategies to build your community

    Phase 2

    • Develop staffing structure
    • Recommend technology infrastructure and general facility design

    Phase 3

    • Project operating budgets: break-even, year 1 details, years 1-3, staffing, space pricing, capital expenditures
    • Develop project timeline from property acquisition through Center opening

       Requires onsite meeting with ownership.  Please Contact us for pricing.


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    YES! Your Exceptional Space™

    Coming soon!

    Our full set of YES! Your Exceptional Space ™  tools will be rolled out in June 2016.

    Look for online products that include self-guided study, creative collaborative opportunities and in-house tools for team members.


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